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Europe: Moudless Trucker Dog

Our Team Java is able to locate hidden mold spores in Europe.

The long distance we pass by airplane. Java, our doodle, is aloud to fly in the plain cabin. Therefore she hasen´t any stress on the tour and she can start searching soon after landing.

Mouds are ubiquitous and cross-border. Locates mold spores infestation in real estate, yachts and motorhomes/caravans. Molds are ubiquitous and cross-border. Whether new or old buildings, north or south, east or west, private or commercial, the mold infestation is one of the residential toxins and can cause or intensify health problems.

Please contact me for request.

These prices are individual calculate. It will caused by ticket charge and time effort.

Was ist so besonderes an einem Schimmelspürhund?